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Professional Coaching Services

Finding your edge

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Executive Coaching Session

Focused, Challenging and Insightful

Having spent many years in executive management, the team at Ndgo Edge know the pressures and expectations of high achieving corporate success very well.  Our executive coaching approach is designed to help you Engage, Decide, lay the Groundwork and Execute, In other words, to find your EDGE.

Meditation by the Sea

Career Coaching Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

Happy Hiking

Coaching for Aspiring musicians

How to create a roadmap for success in the music industry.

Are you an aspiring musician who would like to play to a packed out Wembley arena or Maddison Square Gardens but just can't see a path to success in such a highly competitive industry? The team at Ndgo Edge are well placed to assist talent in achieving their goals in life with careful planning, nurturing and support. This coaching programme has been designed to help artists create their own roadmap to success and be confident that they are moving in the right direction both musically and personally.

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