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And this years OSCAR goes to..........

Well you actually!

Although it's not the Oscar you're probably thinking of! The one this article is about is a coaching tool that's designed to provide a solution focused framework for coaching sessions that empowers the coachee to assume full ownership of their situation and solution, thus allowing them to positively affect the change.

Designed by Andrew Gilbert and Karen Whittleworth, the model is designed to focus primarily on the solution rather than the problem that an individual may face. It's handily based around an acronym:

O - Outcome - what the client wants to achieve

S - Situation - where the client currently is

C - Choice - a discussion around the options at disposal

A - Action - coach encourages client to take action with their own plan

R - Review - a reflection on the process and evaluation how its success

This model works well when the client is truly empowered to visualise, assess and act on their on situation to bring about a positive change. The beauty of this model is its ability to challenge the coachee to find their own answers to the issues they face.

Some questions to ponder in this exercise:

  • How would you know when you've achieved your desired outcome?

  • What would an ideal scenario look like to you?

  • Where do you see yourself now?

  • What would you consider your strengths & Weaknesses to be?

  • What are the opportunities and threats that you face?

  • What are the consequences of not taking action?

  • What do you believe would be the next available step to take?

  • What is going well with this course of action?

  • What else could you change to bering about even more positive change?

Please feel free to add any thoughts or questions on this tool or share any experiences you've had of working through this exercise.

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