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A day to celebrate the most important person in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks.

The national day to celebrate love and lovers is an annual reminder of the importance of showing those most intimate of partnerships just how much they mean to us.

Of course, it would probably be pertinent to ensure that we do this for the other 364 days as well or else the partnerships may not thrive.

I would like to suggest that there is someone else you show your appreciation and love towards today as well......someone very close to you who you may tend to overlook or forget to love, in fact they may be the person with which you have the most complicated of relationships.

I’m talking of course about you!

Growing up in Scotland in a hard working, matriarchal family with a typical Scottish granny at the helm who was tough as old boots (but soft in the middle), the idea of loving yourself was anathema.

Popular phrases of my childhood were “if he was chocolate he would eat himself” or “she’s got ideas above her station that one” and the classic “he’s too big for his boots”. These phrases act like programmes in your belief system, becoming entrained and entrenched and then affecting your behaviours and habits for the rest of your life (at least until your personal journey has evolved far enough to allow you to unpack and reframe these limiting beliefs).

But if you really think about it, the person that you need to love the most, the person who is with you 24/7/365 is not your other half (although lockdown does make it feel like that!) but it’s actually yourself. The most important relationship you will EVER have, is with yourself.

Be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself.....

Take some time today to reflect on this relationship and think about ways to improve it.

As L’Oreal keeps telling us “you’re worth it”

Stay classy

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